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The only true search engine friendly shopping cart solution.
The revolutionary shopping cart solution SearchFit, is the first and the only true search engine friendly e-commerce shopping cart available in the market. Created by search engine optimization experts, this powerful shopping cart provides all the features offered by popular and sucessful e-commerce shopping carts but with more ground-breaking features. For only $49 a month!

Shopping Cart Software Setup Advantages

  • Most flexible, user friendly template system. Multiple templates can be created and assigned on a per page basis. Create a fully customizable template including HTML, CSS, JavaScript and Flash.
  • Multi-User System that allows you to create and operate multiple, highly differentiated stores, from a single database.
  • Capability of external database connections allows you to add external product information to your site.
  • Most comprehensive set of product fields will allow you to give your customers the best shopping experience.
  • Benefit from custom, advanced features available through custom programming.
  • Huge time savings and effective optimization are made possible by SearchFit’s optimization tools.
  • Customizeable checkout area including custom template and fields.
  • Fast loading, static pages that can be easily scrolled by search engines.
1. Determine Website Content & Structure  
  • Determining your product/category structure.
  • Determine the overall structure of your site.
  • Gathering text and images per page.

If you would like assistance with this phase of the setup, we provide e-commerce consultation services. Contact Us today to learn more.

2. Create Website Design  
  • Your main design template.
  • Additional Design templates for inner pages.
  • Product layout design.
  • Design for your internal pages.

Do you need designs? Contact us to see what our in house design team can do for you. Looking for a pre-made template? Click Here to view our selection of e-commerce templates.

3. Implement Website Design  
  • Building HTML templates from your designs.
  • Converting the content for your informational pages (home, about us, contact us, etc.) into HTML that fits within your design template.

If there is any phase of your site’s production that you would like assistance with, then let us know!

SearchFit’s flexible template system makes any design possible. SearchFit, e-commerce templates can use HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Flash or anything that you would normally use when building a template. The only difference is that “SearchFit Keywords” are inserted in several areas. For example, the keyword “AUTO_GENERATED_CONTENT” is placed in the area of the template that contains the main content and changes on a page by page basis. You can store as many different templates as you want within the SearchFit control panel and assign them on a per page basis. Using this system, you are able to add a template and change the look of your site extremely fast. None of our competitors offer a fully customizable template system and a simple, user friendly interface for adding templates. See our compare the competition page for details.

4. Add Product Information  
Product information includes price, options, descriptions, weight, manufacturer, sku and much more. Information can be added in 2 different ways:
  • Add product information directly into the SearchFit control panel. Products are entered one at a time.
  • Add product information by importing your product spreadsheet. Your product spreadsheet contains one row per product. Each product row contains a column for all the different kinds of product information such as price, options, descriptions, etc. This allows you to import thousands of products using one spreadsheet. If you have an existing store, you may be able to export your current product information into a format that can be imported into SearchFit.

SearchFit contains the most comprehensive set of product fields available. At our customers’ request we have added many new fields such as e-products, travel products, customizable options and much more. For example, if you are selling t-shirts and would like your customers to be able to write a custom phrase to be printed on the shirt, we offer an option to accommodate that.

If there is a function that you need that we do not have, then we can custom program it for you. We are proud to offer this service to our customers because it gives the functionality that is needed for success. Most of our competitors do not offer custom programming. The only way to have custom, advanced shopping cart features comparable to SearchFit would be to spend tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars to make them yourself.

5. Optimize Website  
Most of the work can be done using the automatic SearchFit optimization tools. The rest consists of adding information rich pages with the correct key word density and adding the correct links.

Sites made with SearchFit consist of static pages so that they can be easily scrolled by search engines. The category, link and folder structure is also built in such a way that search engines can view your entire site.

SearchFit’s optimization tools are a huge asset for your optimization process. What used to take weeks or months can now be done in a matter of minutes. With the click of a button SearchFit can add the following elements that contribute to optimization: Titles, Metatags, Headings, Page Names, Page Extensions, Alt Tags, Image Names and more. Using our competitions software to make the same modifications would require modifying each page individually. In many cases, the competition does not offer the possibility of making these changes at all.

6. Configure Checkout Area, Payment & Shipping  
Your cart’s checkout area can be modified by adding custom fields that vary depending on what is purchased. For example, if you sell “product A”, then a customer may be required to fill out a questionnaire during the checkout process. Besides standard credit card or Paypal transactions, you can set your cart to: order by phone, pay by check and custom payment methods.

7. Create More Stores  
Many of our customers have had success operating one store. Running multiple stores can provide the advantage you need when selling in a highly competitive area.

Each additional store is a different website and can have a completely different look, feel and information. Once you have your main site set up, you can create multiple stores from the same shopping cart for the following reasons:

Create multiple stores that each focus on a different product category.

Reason: If you have a store that has multiple, unrelated product categories, then it will be difficult to get a good search engine ranking. Stores that have more concentrated product areas will be much more likely to do well in search engine results.

Create multiple stores that focus on the same product category.

Reason: If you have a store that has related product categories and you are targeting a competitive keyword area, multiple stores can increase your search engine position. The stores can have a completely different look, language, currency, payment processor, etc. Having the stores strategically optimized and linked will help the sites do well in all major search engines.

Create multiple stores that focus on different brands.

Reason: Similar to the above example of focusing of different categories, your search engine rankings for brand related key phrases will improve if your store contains mostly products from a given brand.

Create multiple stores that vary in products’ prices.

Reason: Customers may be searching the net with a certain type of store in mind. Maybe they are looking for a simple discount store with quantity discounts. Or, they could be looking for a high end type of store with premium products. With SearchFit’s flexible, template based system, you can make both. SearchFit allows you to vary the prices and discounts offered per store.

Create multiple stores as an affiliate program.

Reason: You could create a store, then build new websites for other people to run. The other party could manage and promote the site and receive a commission based on sales. An alternate setup structure is to publish a new store to a folder within an existing site. This creates the ability to add a new section onto an existing high-traffic site in order to sell your products.

SearchFit creates multiple stores from one database/shopping cart. This ability alone makes SearchFit the most powerful shopping cart available today. Some of our customers operated 10, 50 or over 100 stores from a single SearchFit cart. Depending on its complexity, a new site can take anywhere from a few hours to a few days to create. With this small investment in time and $79/month per store fee, you can increase sales and beat your competition. Here’s a quick summary of how additional stores are created:

  1. With the click of a button, make a copy of another site that resides within the cart, or start new. All sites within the cart automatically contain the same product information, which can later be customized per store.
  2. Paste your Template and CSS files into the SearchFit control panel.
  3. Modify your information related pages (home, about us, etc.) as necessary.
  4. Adjust settings such as payment, shipping, discounts and optimization.
  5. Publish the site.

To create multiple stores using a competitor’s shopping cart would require a separate shopping cart for each store and be much more expensive. The SearchFit control panel allows you simultaneously adjust and view reports for multiple stores. Using another cart to create multiple stores would be extremely inefficient and time consuming.

8. Promote Website  
Find online forums, stores and informational sites that relate to your store. Do your best to get links to your site added, articles, postings, etc. This will help you to get traffic from these sites as well as providing link popularity, a major factor in determining your search engine ranking. We offer services in this area as well. Please let us know and we will assist you in promoting your site.
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