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The only true search engine friendly shopping cart solution.
The revolutionary shopping cart solution SearchFit, is the first and the only true search engine friendly e-commerce shopping cart available in the market. Created by search engine optimization experts, this powerful shopping cart provides all the features offered by popular and sucessful e-commerce shopping carts but with more ground-breaking features. For only $49 a month!

Shopping Cart Software Features

SearchFit is committed to developing a long-lasting relationship with its customers, as we know that our success is based directly on their success. Our innovative, creative html shopping cart designs are attractive, persuasive and easy-to-use visual interfaces for companies of all sizes. Our shopping cart software is a powerful hosted database driven ecommerce solution for merchants and professional site designers alike. More than just a shopping cart software, our shopping cart system is a scalable enterprise level ecommerce engine that can handle unlimited transactions. It has all the features to attract attention and business to your online store.

Setup Features  
  • Build completely static pages
  • Full browser control panel
  • 5 level product structure
  • Automated navigation, site map and more
  • Set up great product pages optimzed for search engines by importing existing product data or entering new information.
  • Template and product setup or import via SearchFit.
  • Help files included in the admin area for all areas of product setup.
  • Products can be imported from CommaSeparatedValues or TabSeparatedValues files. Ability to import categories, subcategories, products, options, manufacturer name, metatags, headings, etc.
  • Vendors can be imported and assigned to products for the new drop shipping feature.
  • Ability to delete, create new or update existing records when importing
  • Order / Quick Books database export .
  • Super fast hml code generation.
  • Setup for affiliates with reseller login.
  • Vendor/ service login with automated drop shipping order system per vendor.
  • Custom invoice/ order/email templates
  • Ability to enable/disable a partucular customized link/page to be included in the generated sitemap.
  • Choose between standard and parallel layouts on the 2nd checkout page.
  • Include a custom help link on the second checkout page to explain things like the credit card security id.
  • Support of web services. Currently the following SearchFit's features are exposed as WebServices:
    - do-test : just a test service
    - do-import-store-records : import records to the store
    - do-generate : start generation (and possible transfer)
    - do-import-orders : import orders' information
    SearchFit's web services are mostly used from programmers and developers and allow them to integrate SearchFit with their own software.
Product Features  
  • Ability to display multiple products per row with optional product photos.
  • Ability to choose number of product is displayed per page (Max 50)
  • Unlimited number of product's options (color,size,weight,length....). Drop Box, Check Box, Radio Button, or Text Box can be used for options. Ability to set extra charges for options.
  • Ability to display/ not to display number of products in a category.
  • Ability to display/ short or detailed description per product on category pages.
  • Ability to display/ not to display category description.
  • Product Search via Product Keyword,category and brand or vendor.
  • Ability to browse product by category or manufacturer/brand.
  • Custom Search Function available.
  • Different product types, categories, sub - categories and products can use different design templates.
  • Products can be sorted by name, manufacture, or SKU and categories to be updated with default values using specified rules.
  • Ability to return the number of product from search function
  • Import Product Data via spreadsheet or add single products to control panel.
  • External Database Query via Foreign Database ID for product stock display ect.
  • Product update via for foreign database ID to SearchFit Database ID.
  • Custom Product Templates.
  • Ability to display multiple products per row.
  • External Database Query via Foreign Database ID for Product stock ect..
  • Product update via for foreign database ID to SearchFit Database ID.
  • Ability to query via XML Sheet the SearchFit Database (Custom Programming)
  • Ability to add "Separator Products" to category and subcategory pages in order to create multiple product sections per category/subcategory page.
  • A categorytype can be configured to be of type "Generate Manufacturers", which means that the engine will generate static pages for all manufacturers that have products assigned. You are able to specify if the structure should or should not contain subusers. The structure of the new generated menu will be as follows:
    - CategoryType (of generation type = Manufacturers)
    -- Manufacturer 1
    --- Category
    --- Category
    -- Manufacturer 2
    --- Category
    --- Category
    -- Manufacturer 3
Shopping Cart Design  
  • Design your site to your own specifications. Use your preferred methods, including HTML, CSS, Flash and JavaScript to layout your page.
  • Create a great looking, fully customizeable, highly usable design using SearchFit's feature packed, template based system.
  • 100% your own Design - HTML based - CSS Style.
  • Works with virtually any type of code, including Flash and JavaScript.
  • Ability to use multiple CSS, Category and Product Layout Templates.
  • Full Generic Web site Integration with 5 Level Web Site Navigation. Or use your Own Navigation System.
  • HTML: easy to use database plugins via include text including:
    - Auto Generated Subscribe and Unsubscribe.
    - Auto Generated Search Form/Page.
    - Auto Generated Drop down Menu.
    - Customized Category Display
    - Web Site Check Order Status Link.
  • Features auto-generated sitemap descriptions of the categories, subcategories, and products included on every page.
  • Automated 404 Error Protection with integrated missing HTML Function.
  • All Standard Text and Text Link "Labels" can be changed to images, buttons,
  • or different text.
  • Time and date display for the last time Web site was updated.
  • Custom Order form fields for each different Product Main or Sub Category.
  • Integration of Support Web pages to the Shopping Cart System.
  • Easy Image Upload with automated Unzip Function for Multiple Images via .zip file
  • Options to have .php or .htm or html file extension.
Shopping Cart Marketing Tools  
  • Ability to view report by orders, country, state, order status, customer, and/or date
  • Perform custom data exports
  • Send e-mail newsletters / mailing list
  • Ability to send an email text or html format to all registered customers simultaneously
  • Mailto feature supports now a "url_success" field for form submission.
  • Users can setup an email address, to receive emails of the orders in Text format for wireless devices that do not support html.
  • Ability to set commision rate (percentage or amount) for affiliation.
  • Detail statistics on orders per user store with commision reports.
  • Induvidual Reseller website setup with external hosting and custom web design.
  • Recommend to a friend
  • Customer wishlist.
  • "Products Sold Report" is available in the REPORTS By orders area. It shows the products sold for a given period of time.
Multi User & Server System  
  • Excel in your industry by quickly creating multiple, customized websites based on your original that draw from the same product database.
  • Individual Affiliate Shopping Carts managed via ChiefAdmin.
  • Multi User Systems with Multi Domain Names managed via 5 Level Admin.
  • Customize a shopping cart for each user in Selling Price / Design / Language etc.
  • Discount or Surcharge percentage can be specified for each user.
  • Multi Server System with cost effective shared traffic system
  • Multi server hosting for each sub user.
  • Sales and commission statistics for each sub user.
  • User specific category and product configuration.
  • A level of permission can be granted to another user to be able to change the prices of the products only and no other product's properties.
  • Special level of access "ServiceUsers and Vendor" (e.g., drug store pharmacists) to login and approve orders based on the answers given by the buyers (or by calling them directly). If activated, only the approved orders can be processed.
  • Co-Branding for large Searchfit reseller or partner is now available. Call for details.
  • Rapidly create multiple stores.
  • Focus on your key product areas
  • Add your products to any site
  • Affiliate/Reseller Commission based functions
  • Adjustable permissions/per user levels
  • Ability to not display customers' credit card numbers to specified user (employee). More level Security Passwords.
  • Two more supported languages are now available: English II and English III. These can be assigned to users to allow them to have different descriptions of the same categorytypes, categories, products.
  • User screen displays online status per users.
  • The ChiefAdmin user can restrict the Credit Cards viewing to selected role.
Customer Friendly Shopping Cart  
  • Easy navigation
  • Multiple search methods
  • Secure checkout area
  • Coupons / discounts
  • Become a member
  • Send e-mail newsletters
  • Order progress bar
  • Ability to check order status
  • Ability to order with/without setting up account
  • Ability to choose different shipping methods
  • Special keywords can be used in the "thank you" page that will be replaced with the corresponding values of the placed order.
  • Members can close their accounts if they want
  • Custom wishlist with member setup.
  • Custom payment methods per member
  • Custom special prices
  • Super fast loading web pages - no database queries
  • Search results can be sorted by Price: lowest first and Price: highest first.
In House Design  
  • Sites built by SEO professionals.
  • SearchFit template web design..
  • Expert top ranking consultation.
  • Professional graphic design service.
  • Advanced programming service available for custom cart features in house design and development.
Help & Tech Support  
  • Toll free customer service line.
  • Email spport and live chat.
  • Integrated online help file system (administration panel).
  • SearchFit flash tutorial.
  • SearchFit PDF & HTML tutorial.
  • SearchFit discussion forum including toll free customer service line.
  • SearchFit discussion forum including programmer help.
  • More language tech support.

SEO Features  
  • Cart designed for search engine optimization structure internal linksystem
  • Bring more traffic and sales to your site by creating search engine friendly pages with SearchFit's optimization tools and features.
  • SearchFit is the first web based shopping cart that truly allows search engine bots and spiders to visibly grab and cache your pages. 
  • SearchFit offers more control and uses the correct html, text and keyword frequency so your pages and products can be seen by the Search Engines
  • Full static html, optimized page generation - 50,000 html page gerations in less then 18 min.
  • Fully automated html web site generation with new web site creation date for search engine robot rescrolling.
  • Integrated product-specified page title/meta/description tags for each user.
  • Build product pages loaded with content.
  • Heading text (H1 to H6) for all product levels per user.
  • Builds link text summary links in 5 levels.
  • New functions enable the metatags (title, keywords, description) of the products and categories to be updated with default values using specified rules.
  • Page / product specific elements for search engine optimization.
  • Custom page and category naming for better keyword frequency.
  • Building 5 level product pages - category type page - category page - sub category - short description page and detail description page each product.
  • Integrated link popularity system for reciprocal and inbound links. Social link - system beetwen SearchFit member websites shopping network. ( No link farm)
  • Possible automated square linking between all sub or affiliate users.
  • Auto generated site map for deep scrolling robots.
  • No more doorway pages with irritating junk URLs - real related URLs with keywords.
  • Included search engine submission with single main page submission.
  • Product keyword optimization on the complete document. Automated tool for renaming title / meta information / html document / asset files /. ( Keyword frequency optimization tool per single document for better inbounding link and text frequency. SEO optimizationtool)
  • High Text Integration for every single html doc. via h6 style="display:inline" tool special important for large documents
  • FileName words separator: underscore or dash. Will be used when generating the filenames for the categorytypes, categories, subcategories, products, manufacturers. This is required as some search engines do not consider the underscore character as a words separator anymore.
Taxes & Currencies  
  • Ability to set tax on shipping/handling fees 
  • Ability to set multiple state taxes and country taxes.
  • Ability to set/exclude sales tax for orders via PayPal.  
  • Ability to set tax or mark up on shipping and handling fees.
  • Ability to set exchange rates for all currencies.
  • PayPal is supported. New option with name "include sales tax". Select "no" only if PayPal calculates the sales tax by itself, so SearchFit will exclude the sales tax from the total when processes the order via PayPal.
  • Supports USD, EUR, GBP, CAD, and JPY currencies with PayPal.
  • List prices in any currency
  • Full international tax setup per user
Discounts & Coupons  
  • Percentage/amount discount or free shipping discount
  • Coupons/Discounts can be assigned to categorytypes, categories, products, and manufacturers
  • All kind of discount can be asign to the online store
  • Valid to non-members, members, or special members
  • Valid between specified dates
  • Numbers of coupon available
  • Valid with minimum purchase of quanity and/or amount.
  • Discount or special prices can asign to every shopping cart member.
  • General discount and payment requirement can asign to each special member.
  • Special discount can asgin to each product for example pay one get one for free
  • Discounts can now be created in this format: a) buy x items and buy y of them at Z% discount (example: buy 2 t-shirts and buy the 2nd one at 50% off).
  • Store/groups, allow products to be grouped. Discounts can be configured for the created groups using the store/discounts feature.
Shipping & Handling Methods  
  • Ability to ship order to billing address only.
  • Unlimted shipping methods are supported.
  • Shipping / handling charges can be specified based on purchase amount real time connection with UPS, FedEx, and USPS to estimate cost using location and weight.
  • Support of freight products. Supports calculation of the freight rates based on vendors as well.
  • If buyer checks the "same as the shipping address" checkbox first then all changes on the shipping address will be automatically applied to the billing address. Fraud protection setup.
  • Orders automatically sent to the related vendor.
  • Vendors have their own access to view orders.
  • Each product can have a different associated vendor
  • Automated vendor order system assigned to each product with custom invoicing and automated notification for confirm or paid orders for each vendor / dropshipper to induvidual custom orders.
  • The realtime USPS configuration now accepts "Express Mail Container" and "Priority Mail Container", which help for more accurate estimation of the S&H fees. Support of the new USPS containers. From an USPS email: "...Beginning November 20, 2004, two (2) corrugated box shapes will be introduced with dimensions as follows: 11.25" x 8.75" x 6" and 14" x 12" x 3.5". Customers must pay a flat rate of $7.70 for items mailed in either box, regardless of weight..."
  • The realtime FEDEX configuration now accepts packaging dimensions "Height", "Width", and "Length" for all ground services, which help for more accurate estimation of the S&H fees.
  • The S&H methods can be limited with the special [non-USA] country.
Payment Gateway & Security  
  • Bank Card Services/ SearchFit are proudly to offer credit card procressing services to both SearchFit's members and non-members at the lowest rates. We approve 99% of all merchant accounts even if you have less than perfect credit. more info on Bank Card Services / SearchFit Credit Card Processing Services. 
  • Configurable transaction types.
  • Custom gateway integration available.
  • For customers: SearchFit transmits the order numbers to the creditcard processor using the x_invoice_num field. This means that using the admin pages the customers will be able easy to refer to the corresponding SearchFit order.
  • Currently Integrated Gateways:
  • Searchfit supports now "Password Required Mode" for different payment Gateways.
  • Added security check which prevents unknown websites from using the store checkout pages.
  • "Finalize Order Now" button that is on the last checkout page changes immediately to "Please Wait! Processing..." to prevent double clicking, and creditcard overdraft problems.
  • Visa, MasterCard, Amerian Express, Discover, Optima, Euro Card, Diners Club, JCB, Delta, Solo, Switch, Visa Electron , Paypal, Check, and Money Order are supported
  • Secure order transaction via 128 bit Secure Server optional Custom SSL Certificate.
  • Ability to verify credit card numbers & and CC Security ID.
  • Ability to show full or partial credit card numbers (email & order review).
  • New option's properties: option number (SKU), option quantity. These will be used if the Inventory Control is enabled.
  • Additional level of security for credit card numbers using mcrypt.
Inventory & Order Control  
  • Efficiently view, manage and ship your orders using powerful features like drop shipping and order exporting.
  • Can be organized by changing the status to "in progress," "done order," or " bad order." The status is originally listed with the status "new."
  • Orders can be searched by country, state, and status.
  • Ability to export shipping or complete order information to print shipping labels.
  • Receive e-mails warnings for low inventory.
  • Inventory levels specified per product.
  • Amounts adjusted automatically per purchase.
  • Backordered status indicated on orders.
  • "Monitor all transactions" for the PayPal payment method helps find orders that have been paid but have not been finalized from the buyer on the PayPal's pages.
  • Quantity can be entered/imported for every product. It will be used if the inventory control is enabled.
  • Quantity threshold can be entered for every product. It will be used if the inventory control is enabled to send email notification when a product's quantity reaches the threshold.
  • New option's properties: option number (SKU), option quantity. These will be used if the inventory control is enabled.
  • All quantities of products/options will be automatically decreased/increased if inventory control is enabled and there is a new order or a change of a status of an existing order has been made.
  • Added options to the "configuration per user" that allow the inventory control to be enabled.
  • Exports of products like "purchase orders" and "inventory report" by creating corresponding templates (see the examples)
  • New template allows exports of SearchFit's orders to QuickBooks as sales receipts.
  • "Change inventory by product number (SKU)" feature accepts quantities in the format "=X", where X is a number. If such a format is used then the quantity of the product(s) will be directly changed to be X.
  • Emails sent to the store owners include internal information of the orders like: store name, user name, and buyer's remote address, buyer's remote host by address, buyer's http user agent, and referral.
  • Partial order shipment is supported.
  • Ability to activate inventory control. Ability to allow/disallow order "out of stock" items.
  • Ability to set threshold for low inventory.
  • Ability to set minium order ( purchase amount). Tool special important for large documents.
  • UCP code reading via webbrowser for inventory setup.
  • Create order custom fields for any kind additional questions on your shopping cart order form requird or none. Setup additional text fields or radio button.
  • Every order has a new textarea property named "internal notes", which can be used to keep notes about the order that will be hidden for the customer.
  • ORDER_NOTES (keyword) can be used in the templates for receipt emails. It will be replaced with the notes of the order.
  • Search, show, export orders by customer's email.
  • Ability to make a product orderable / not orderable, but still generated on the website.
  • Ability to export the "bill to" phone and fax numbers.
  • Ability to export the products' inventory threshold.
  • Progress history" and "internal notes" properties can be imported from an external file by overriding or appending to them. The same time the "Paid" and the "Status" of the orders can be changed.
  • "By phone" and the "customized" payment methods are available and can be configured to collect billing address OR billing address + credit card OR no billing information on the checkout pages.
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