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The only true search engine friendly shopping cart solution.
The revolutionary shopping cart solution SearchFit, is the first and the only true search engine friendly e-commerce shopping cart available in the market. Created by search engine optimization experts, this powerful shopping cart provides all the features offered by popular and sucessful e-commerce shopping carts but with more ground-breaking features. For only $49 a month!

Why Choose SearchFit Shoping Cart Software

We are proud to offer an e-commerce solution that has been carefully engineered to excel in every aspect of development and operation. SearchFit has some major features like web services and multiple store capability and some smaller features like varying page extensions and links per page. New features are constantly being added, both large and small to insure that SearchFit remains the most effective e-commerce solution.

            SearchFit allows me to operate stores in 3 different languages and currencies and update all stores from a single administration area.


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What is a SearchFit E-Commerce Website?  
SearchFit does a lot more than allow customers to buy products from your site. Your entire site including all HTML documents, images, CSS and product information is contained within your SearchFit “control panel”. The control panel is a deep administration area that allows you to manage your whole site including: view orders, add design templates, add informational pages, optimize, publish and much more. SearchFit is a template driven system including the control panel template, design templates, invoice templates, e-mail templates, etc. The templates are in HTML format and stored in a backend MySql database.

The SearchFit control panel is a fast, efficient tool for creating your e-commerce store. The flexibility and power of the system make it possible to make a completely custom store with any design.

Benefits of Using SearchFit

Full Control  
SearchFit gives you full control over the look and functionality of your site through its extremely flexible, template based system. If you would like to add Flash Animation, JavaScript functions, CSS or any kind of layout, SearchFit will allow you to do so. You can even add your existing HTML to your new SearchFit site. The SearchFit control panel provides an efficient, usable site management system where you can easily view and modify all orders, reports, settings, pages, etc. Everything is highly adjustable including the ability to use different languages, currencies, shipping methods and payment systems. The amazing part is that you are able to control all these settings for multiple stores from the same database.

Save Time  
Running an e-commerce store doesn’t have to mean that you spend your early morning hours making site updates. SearchFit was designed let you operate and maintain your store as efficiently as possible. Your site’s main template is an HTML document that can be edited outside of SearchFit, saved in just one area of the control panel and update your entire site. If you are converting your current store to SearchFit, and have a large, complex database, then you can save time by taking advantage of SearchFit’s XML features. For example, SearchFit can connect via XML to your existing database and collect data such as product information that will be displayed on your new site.

If you operate multiple stores, you can edit your product information in just one spot and have the changes reflected in all stores. Creating a new store based on your existing stores product information can be done with the click of a button. The new store is highly customizable and can have its own domain name, IP address, design template, pricing, payment methods, etc. You can have a new store up in a matter of hours! The speed at which your store is indexed and ranked by search engines is the speed at which your store makes money. SearchFit will help your site get indexed, receive a better ranking and start making sales sooner.

Save Money  
SearchFit’s features are comparable to a high-end, custom programmed shopping cart. The advanced functionality of SearchFit will reduce your costs. The ability to have this advanced setup for additional stores at only $79 per month is a huge asset to your online marketing efforts. You will save time creating and maintaining your sites. This means reduced cost. You will need less staff to create and update pages.

If you are converting a dynamic site to SearchFit, then the amount of hardware needed to host the site will be reduced. Dynamic sites require a more powerful setup because their pages are created as the user requests them. SearchFit pages are static and already located on the server before the user gets there. SearchFit pages load faster because they are delivered directly from the web server’s ram. This means you will spend less money on hardware, you will not need to keep a server in house to host your site, and you will not need a staff to maintain your hardware. For a highly competitive key phrase, there are often extra expenses involved in achieving top ranking. SearchFit will minimize those expenses by giving you a properly optimized site which costs less to achieve a top search engine ranking.

Strong Marketing Tool  
Most online consumers find the stores they shop with through search engine results. A top search engine ranking can be the most valuable marketing tool for your site. The use of SearchFit makes it much more likely that your site will rank high for phrases related to your site and your individual products. Another great marketing vehicle is newsletters. SearchFit allows you to use keywords to automatically place a newsletter signup area on your site, then send out a mass e-mail to all your subscribers. Use SearchFit’s report area to view statistics related to products sold, types of orders, and products available for sale. You are able to export your report data into a format that can then be imported into QuickBooks.

Do More  
SearchFit is designed to help you do more. Use SearchFit to capitalize on powerful marketing strategies like running multiple stores. In order to run a successful online store, you need to be able to move quickly and minimize setup costs. No other system offers the fast, cheap and efficient capability of operating multiple stores from a single database. Sell your products in different currencies, different languages and different prices. Take advantage of market trends by setting up new stores quickly and at low cost.


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